Why I use the Apple eco-system

This is a very short post which will hopefully correct the first assumptions of personal computer users, and self-educated PC support people.

“You use Macs? I prefer Windows!”

“Oh really? So you’ve used the two extensively side-by-side and made a value judgement?”

“No, not really. I’ve never owned a Mac, but I have a friend who has one and I don’t like it.”

“That’s nice. Can we now talk about football or cars? Maybe religion?”

Here are my reasons for using Apple products as my primary devices:

  1. although Apple’s pricing is exploitative, their products are demonstrably better built, and there’s a simple reason for that:
    1. Apple are obscenely proprietary – if you want Apple features you buy it from Apple – end of story;
    2. for that reason, Apple has no direct competitor and price-comparisons are impossible;
    3. because they are not consumer-market-driven on price, they are able to purchase better quality components in the main with a much longer mean-time-between-failure;
  2. better components mean a generally longer product life –
    1. (My grand-daughter is using a 14-year-old Powerbook G4, which has been passed down through the family, I use an 8-year-old MacBook Air, and my desktop is a late-2009 27″ iMac Core i7 – this is the newest machine in the family, and it runs the latest Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system with multiple virtual machines – including Windows 10 Developer build)
  3. a solid POSIX-compliant operating system kernel based on the open-source FreeBSD system;
  4. with software development focused on the user experience (“UX”) Mac OS X and the mobile iOS is superbly simple, intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing and updates – even major OS versions – are free;
  5. graphics rendering and overall visual experience is an order of magnitude superior to the best Windows consumer machines;
  6. close integration across devices using Apple’s sophisticated but dead-simple to use utility software;
  7. incomparable backup, archiving and restoring utility built in to the OS, and finally
  8. commercial software is significantly lower-priced than equivalent Windows products, and Macs come bundled with a plethora of software which with Windows needs to be purchased separately.

Even if there wasn’t a compelling financial argument for Apple machines with the return-on-investment spread over a much longer useful life, I’d still buy Apple for the superior security, reliability & usability.



About David Livingstone

More than 50 years in management, 30 years of that in information technology. Inaugural President of the Australian Computer Industry Association; undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a major in Information Technology; Master's candidate in Business Management. Co-founder of The officeFocus® Condominium, the members of which provide specialist technical support, Web 2.0 development, graphic arts and management services to not-for-profit and commercial organisations. Passionate supporter of Buy1GIVE1 and GenerationOne.
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